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How camest thou hither, tell me, and wherefore?

12 August
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I go down to the ocean
I take a walk upon your shores
I dig up a big ol' hairy clam
And thne take out the pearl
Cuz it a metaphore

I'll marinate your flank steak
I'll braid your jumbo shrimp
I'll take your little brother to the zoo
And I'll marinate your flank steak
Cuz it's a metaphore
For fuckin'

It's a metaphore
For fuckin'

I'll be the launch man on your cruise ship
I'll fuck you with my dick
I'll put your magic wand inside your car
Then I'll marinate your flank steak
Cuz it's a metaphore
For flank steak

It's a metaphore
For flank steak

Flank steak is delicious
Wish I was eating it right now
And every time that I see one
I wanna titty fuck the flank steak
Cuz it's a metaphore
For fuckin' flank steak

Yeah, it's a metaphore
for fuckin' flank steak

Love is such a mistery

-Metaphore by The Lonely Island

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